Zia’s reaction to fans screaming

Zia’s reaction to fans screaming

Maria Letizia was the star of the night during Team Dantes’ christmas party.

Baby Zia got a funny reaction when fans started screaming when her parents Dingdong and Marian kissed.

Zia was so startled. She look around in daze on why everyone is screaming But then she told fans to calm down. She told them, “Everybody Quiet.. Quiet Everybody.”

She’s so funny and witty everyone could not get enough of her.

    In other news, Marian Rivera recently awarded again. She was chosen Best Actress on 2018 OFW Gawad Parangal of KAKAMMPI.

    The said award was given to Dingdong Dantes wife. For her performance in “Milya-Milyang Agwat ng Mag-ina” episode of the actress’ progam “Tadhana”.

    “In her Instagram account, Marian give thanks to KAKAMMPI. “This episode is special to me because me and my husband collaborate on this episode and he is the director.

    “Thank you My Love, for the support, care and for guiding me so I can give my best in the role. Whether its personal or work, you always bring the best in me. Naks!”

    “And it becomes more special because I was given an award for it. Once again, Thank you KAKAMMPI.

    Marian received a total of 5 awards last week. Congratulations Marian! We are so proud of you!