Marian’s response to Dong’s sweet post

Marian’s response to Dong’s sweet post

Dingdong Dantes is very proud to his wife Marian Rivera.

Marian was presented best actress at the awarding ceremony of KAKAMMPI in the 8th OFW Gawad Parangal last Sunday.

Marian won from her Milya-Milyang Agwat ng Mag-ina episode on her drama anthology series Tadhana. Who’s directed by none other than her husband.

This is the first time that Dingdong directed his wife and it won an award. Thats why they are both really happy.

In Dong’s IG post yesterday, you can see very clearly how proud he is for his wife.

“In 2007, I had the privilege of working with Marian in Marimar,” is the start of Dingdong’s post, “and as her co-actor.

I saw in her that extraordinary talent that most people in our industry — including myself — would want to achieve and unlock.”

He didnt expect that the day will come that he will direct his wife.

“I never thought the day would come when I could direct her in a sensitive drama that showcased her God-given gift.

“So, here she is now, more than a decade after. with an official recognition by the OFW Gawad Parangal ng KAKAMMPI for her exemplary performance in Tadhana. I am so happy to have witnessed firsthand the milestone behind the camera.

His Best Actress

“The great Maryo J once said that a director will always be the first to see what he/she wants the audience to experience.

“True enough, during that episode, I knew that this day would come,” Dong stated.

According to the leading man of Cain at Abel, Marian will remain best actress in their home.

“On and off screen, in my lens as a husband, she will always be my best actress. Magaling din kasi mag drama sa bahay.

“So proud of you, Baby. Congratulations on this much-deserved, long overdue award!” added message of Dingdong.

Marian reacted to his message and commented, “Whahahahha kaloka ka! Madrama pa ah dalang dala ka naman. Hahahahha Love you! thank you for everything!”