Marian Rivera dance Boom Boom with Smile Train Kids

Marian Rivera dance Boom Boom with Smile Train Kids

This December 9, Marian give an early Christmas present to Smile Train children and mommies.

Smile Train is a charity tha Marian chooses to support. It is a non-profit organization and charity who helps to give collective surgery to children who have cleft lips and palate.

“This is the way of giving back the blessing that I received in my life, especially know that I have a junior,” Marian said.

The Kapuso Prime time Queen also recognized the guidance of the parents for their child.

“Thank you so much and I hope you, mommies will continue to serve as a guide to your children. I know that raising a child is not a joke because some are really naughty and energetic.

I know because I experience it with my child. Long live to the mother and fathers that love their children. I’m hoping you will not get tired of taking care of them.”

In the end, Marian promise for her continued support. “Always remember that I am always here for Smile Train and I will do everything I can.”

Marian also dance Boom Boom by Momo Land with the Smile train kids. Even though she is 5 months pregnant Marian was stil able to dacr with them.

Congrats to Marian and Smile Train for the sucessful christmas pary!