DongYan’s super kilig kulitan

DongYan’s super kilig kulitan

Here’s a kilig story during our Team Dantes Christmas Party 2018.

When Marian was talking to the fans, Dingdong suddenly hold her hand while she was holding it. She tought Dingdong was trying to get the mic from her.

So she told Dong, “Hindi pa ako tapos” [I’m not done yet.] But Dingdong told her he just wants to hold her hand, “Gusto ko lang hawakan yung kamay mo.” Fans errupted in kilig.

Then Marian who’s also kinikilig told Dong, “Wag ka nga diyan! Kinikilig ako!.” [Stop it! I’m shivering] Dingdong even hold her tightly.

Marian told him again, “Kinikilig nga ako!” [I’t makes me shiver!] It was such a kilig moment for all of us. Then Marian told the fans, “Oh diba hanggang ngayon kinikilig parin ako sa kaniya. Ganyan ang pagmamahal.” [I’m pregnant and still get butterflies in my stomach with Dingdong, that is love.]

Then Marian told Dingdong “I love you” in a funny way. Dong said, “Like in the trailer of Fantastica.”

Marian was so excited to invite everyone to watch Fantastica. Dingdong’s movie with Vice Ganda for Metro Manila Film Festival.

“Have you watched the trailer of fantastica?” She asked. “We hope you can come and watch.”

Marian also invited fans to continue to watch Cain and Abel. While Dingdong said that Marian will have a special role in Fantastica.

What a supportive wife. Here’s the super kilig video.