Team Dantes Christmas party with Dantes Family

Team Dantes Christmas party with Dantes Family

Team Dantes celebrated their annual christmas party yesterday night with The Dantes Family.

Dingdong, Marian and Zia attended the event. It was fun-filled christmas party.

We don’t believe in the superstition about pregnancy anymore.they said if you are pregnant with a boy, you will not look great as before.

Then why is Marian so pretty even when she is having a boy? She is so blooming!

It is trully a blessing for the Dantes family to have a new member to their team, and it is a complete family, Mother, Father, Sister and Son.

Their kids are so blessed because Marian and Dingdong are parents. I saw that they are hands-on by taking care of Zia and we are sure that they will do the same with their baby boy.

Heaven really favors good people and maybe that’s why all wishes of Dantes family is being granted.

Congrats Dantes family and thank you for spending the time to celebrate with us last night.

Here are some of the photos: