Dantes Family Vlog number 3

Dantes Family Vlog number 3

The Dantes Family uploaded a new vlog on their official youtube channel. Their channel is now official “The Dantes Squad.”

They uploaded a vlog about Zia getting her first haircut. The video open up to Marian and Zia playing in the car.

Marian told Zia that they going to Ate Celeste, Marian’s good friend and hairtylist for years. Zia told her Mom that she miss Ate Celeste.

Marian asked Zia “What hair cut do you like?” And she told her Mom “I wan to have bangs.”

There’s a clip on the video that we challenge you all to “Try not to aww challenge.”

It was when Zia suddenly hugged her Mom because she thought she hurt her Mom’s finger. Marian asked “Why?” Zia told her, “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Then Marian said, “You don’t want me to get hurt? Why? And Zia answers, “Because i love you..” Marian told Zia, “I love you more.” Zia told her Mom “I know.”

Awwww sorry we can’t help it! Zia is super sweet!

Zia was so excited to get her haircut and bangs. She asked her Momma to hold her hand. DongYan believe in ‘Kasabihan’ that the parents should be the first one to cut the hair of their child. So the child will grow up smart.

Daddy Dong was the one to cut Zia’s hair. After the haircut Zia was so happy to see her bangs. She was so well-behaved through out the haircut.

Good Job Ate z!