Ate Zia revealed her Baby Brother’s name

Ate Zia revealed her Baby Brother’s name

Dingdong, Marian and Zia Dantes attended the Team Dantes Christmas Party 2018 held yesterday at Makati Sports Club.

There are so many adorable moment of Zia during the party. One of the most adorable moment is when she shared the name of her baby brother.

“What is the name of your baby brother?” Marian asked her. Zia answered, “Sixto!”

Marian was so surprised that Zia actually told the fans the name.

Then Marian told her to share the whole name of her baby brother. “The whole name, the whole name, not just the nickname.”

Zia refused to share the full name at first. “No, just a nickname.” She said. “Oh, she doesn’t want to give the full name, just the nickname.” Marian then told the fans.

Then the fans started saying “Please…” and Zia shared “Jose Sixto… The fourth!!”

So Yes, Baby Brother will be named after his Dad. He will be Jose Sixto Dantes IV! We have little JD4!

Then Zia suddenly said she doesn’t want to go home just yet. So Marian told Zia if she can dancr or sing. “Just dance or sing, if you dont sing we’ll go home.”

Zia seem shy, we’ll she dance or sing? You will soon find out. Last time we had a gathering she did a mini concert. Will she do it the second time?

We wanna say thank you to Dantes Family for coming and spending time with us. We love you!