Very sweet Zia

Very sweet Zia

There is no extravagant party for Zia’s 3rd birthday this month.

Her mother, Marian, was amazed when she asked her daughter if she would like to have a prtty celebration for her birthday.

Zia said that she doesnt want a prty, all she want to have in her birthday is to go to tokyo Disneyland.

“In fairness, my daughter, she is ractical already at her age.” Marian said when she was interviewed at the press launch of Kultura x Marian, Filipino pearls where the actress design the jewelries herself.

“I ask her, ‘are you sure baby? you can dress as a princess’, Zia just answered, ‘No, Mom, I just want to go to Tokyo Disneyland’, at least my daught knows what she want.” Marian added.

Trully there are many people excited for Marian and Dingdong’s second baby. But there is nothing compared to Zia’s excitement, she is also excited to be a big sister.

“She always put her hand on my tummy while saying, ‘I love you, Baby. Good night, Babby.’ its good to see her like that,” Marian said.

But in Marian’sn interview with the press, we cant really make Marian to tell us their baby’s gender.

“We promise to reveal it soon, We never keep things from to ourseleves. We always share it to everyone. So all yoy have to do is just wait.” The Primetime Queen stated.

Anyway on the episode of Sunday PinaSaya. There will be a big celebration happening and one of them is the launching of GMA 2018 Christmas Station ID.