Highlights of Dantes Family at Color Run PH 2018

Highlights of Dantes Family at Color Run PH 2018

Kultura Filipino launch a collaboration with Marian Rivera, Kultura X Marian is a jewelry pearl collection.

She even wear soem at the launch press last Thursday and she design the jewelries herself.

According to Marian, the price is reasonable for the pearls and it depends on the buyer of the design they will choose.

“There are some designs tha have diamond cut that is why it is a bit pricey.” Yan said.

One of the press jokingly said, “How many gives?”. Marian said “Six months, zero interest! Mygosh, i instantly become a saleslady. Hahahaha.”

Is she a fond of jewelries?

“There are no woman who doesnt like like jewelries. I think it is a woman’s nature to like jewelries,” Marian reasoned.

Then Zia will have many jewelries to inherit from her?

“We can share, hahahahah” she said.

Is Zia’s sibling will like to wear jewelries as well?

“If you ask that to have an idea of my baby’s gender, the i will not answer it. We will reveal the gender. When did we ever keep something from you guys?” she said.

Marian gives off a happy aura, it is very noticable with her.

“Because I have a contentment. I have Zia, and I have a new baby coming soon. My ideal children is to have 3 but if i was to be given a fourth one, then why not? she said.

Here is the highlight of Dantes Family at The Color Run PH 2018.