DongYan and Zia’s favorite TV channels

DongYan and Zia’s favorite TV channels

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes are endorsing Cignal TV.

Cignal TV has so many channels and some of them are in High Definition. So many are asking, What are Dingdong, Marian and Zia’s favorite channel?

Marian said she has a lot of favorite channels. I have a lot of favorite, but ofcourse whenever i’m with Zia, we love Disney Channel.”

While Dingdong said that he likes channels that they all can relate as a family.

“I want channels and programs that we all can telate and related to family like Fox Family. It’s on HD and Zia can watch it as well.”

But he said when he is alone he likes to watch GMA, GMA News TV and sports related channels.

“I like watching GMA, GMA News TV and sports channels like MotorTV. Those are some of the shows i enjoy watching.”

Dingdong said that Zia is the Boss, so if she wants to watch Disney Channel it’s totaly fine with him.

Marian added, they only allowed Zia to watch TV for a certain amount of time. “When it’s time to sleep. We turn off the TV and that’s it..” She said.

Now, that Marian is pregnant they have a lot of time to spend together at home.

“My schedule is not that hectic now. So we have a lot of time together and watch. What nice is there’s a lot of good quality programs in Cignal.

There are a lot of informative channels and you have alot of choices, educational, Comedy, horror, Action, Love Story and so on.” She said.

When asked why they decided to endorsed Cignal TV. Dingdong answered, “Since value for money we want a good quality with great content but at the most affordable price.”

“And i think the number one playtv provider in our country is Cignal TV. That is why we decided to be apart of Cignal.”

“Whenever we represent the brand we make sure we believe in it.”