Marian Rivera shows her singing prowess

Marian Rivera shows her singing prowess

Kapusong Pinoy: paskuhan at Kantahan at Anaheim California was a massive success. Tickerts were sold out and our Kapusong Pinoy had a lot of fun!

Star Media Producer Anna Puno congratulate everyone for the sucessful concert. “Congratulations everyone for a very successful event and thank you GMA Pinoy TV for the trust!”

She posted these behind the scenes photos with the stars.

While GMA Pinoy TV thanked everyone who came at the concert on their social media. “Thanks for joining us in Kapusong Pinoy Anaheim 201 Kapuso abroad!”

Even after the show, Our Kapuso abroad stayed for the Meet and Greet with the stars.

“The show is over but our Kapuso Abroad
are still waiting outside to get a chance to meet and greet our Kapuso stars!

And who says Primetime Queen couldn’t sing? Because Marian is now pregnant wih her second child, singsing is safer than Dancing.

So she sings a couple of songs for our Kapuso Abroad.

Good job Momma Marian!

Marian and Dingdong is set to arrived home tomorrow. After 5 days Zia will finally be reunited with her parents.

Congrats Marian, Aiai, Christian, Julie Ann, Donita Nose and Super Tekla for the successful show!