DongYan’s surprise duet performance

DongYan’s surprise duet performance

DongYan fans got the best surprise at last night’s Kapusong Pinoy Concert presented by GMA Pinoy TV.

Dingdong accompanied his pregnant wife for the Kapusong Pinoy Concert. Though Dingdong was not part of the concert he still stand by his wife’s side through out the trip.

Dingdong unexpectedly join his wife on the stage. Hence our kapusong abroad and DongYan fans were so surprised and kilig.

Marian said that the next song she will be singing is DongYan’s Theme Song. “Kahit Maputi na ang buhok ko.”

“I’m sad, no one is with me here on the stage, this is our theme song.” She said.

Dingdong walk to the stage to join his wife and sing “Kahit Maputi na ang buhok ko” with Marian. Because of that the crowd suddenly started screaming.

Here’s the super kilig performance of DongYan. Surely the fans had the best night!

In other news, Marian was asked about Dingdong’s political plan during the presscon for the concert yesterday.

Marian simply answers that Dingdong already answered the question.

“Have you seen my husband post on Instagram? It’s much better if you will ask my husband about it.”

Dingdong and Marian are set to fly back to the Philippines tomorrow.

Congratulations Marian for the successful show!