Marian Rivera’s Key to genuine happiness

Marian Rivera’s Key to genuine happiness

Here is Marian Rivera’s key to genuine happiness. “Walang tinatago at walang dapat itago.”

Marian said that it’s better not to have expectations in life. “Sometimes the things you least expected are the ones that will come to your life.”

Marian also shared that being true to herself is the key for balancing her personal and professional life.

“It’s my number 1 rule in life. I do not generalize but in showbiz others are scared to show who they really are.” She said.

“My no. 1 Rule is to be true to myself. Show to everyone the real me and i have nothing to hide.”

Marian said everyone has their own formula. Because we are all different. But being true to herself works perfect for her as her personality is very transparent.

Marian just finished shooting for a new tvc with her grandmother Nanay Inkang. Have you seen it yet?

The TV commercial is for Marian’s endorsement ‘Mega Prime.’ Everyone is excited already. Marian posted thia photo with her Nanay on her Instagram account.

“TVC shoot with my Nanay.”

This is the first time Marian’s beloved grandmother join her for an endorsement. This is Nanay Inkang’s first endorsement as well.