The reason why Marian endorsed Canesten

Marian Rivera played a game during the press launch of her new endorsement ‘Canesten.’

The game is simple, The host will be giving a series of question to Marian and Marian will be answering whether it is True or False.

This is really exciting. Not only they get to understand Marian more, but they will also know more bout the about the product.

The host said that the people will understand more why Marian is the perfect endorser for Canesten.

Question number 1: Is it true that the generic name of Canesten is clotrimazole?. An anti fungal agent effective in treating superficial fungal skin infection?

Marian: Yes it’s true. It’s kind of hard to read that that is why it’s better to use the name Canesten instead.

Question number 2: Is it true that canesten is available in 3g, 5g, and 10g tubes in all leading drugstore nationwide?

Marian: Yes it’s True!. They can choose how much they need for their skin problem.

Question number 3: is it true that fungal infection is not contagious?

Marian: No it’s not true. Fungal Infection is infact contagious. That is why you have to kill the root of the fungi. I’m so sorry to say this Other brands will just get rid of the itchiness. But Canesten will kill the root of the fungi.

The host told Marian that some people might not believed that she is someone who use Canesten. Marian explained that she uses cantesten for instect bites.

“You know what, you don’t use Canesten just for Skin problem, for example i use Canesten for insect bites. Even for Zia, i use canesten when she is itchy because of an insect bites. Specially whenever it’s raining, there are a lot of mosquitos around.”

Marian added, “There are people who really need help with a major skin problem and there is nothing to be ashamed about it. Canesten is here to help them.”

Question number 4: Is it true that Canesten is the number 1 Anti Fungal Cream in the Philippines?

Marian: Yes it’s true. There is no competition about that.

Question number 5: is it true that you shoot in Thailand for Canesten?

Marian: Yes it’s true we had a lot of fun. They are so nice to me. They feed me well. We are like a family.