Zia is excited to be called “Ate”

Zia is excited to be called “Ate”

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is really excited to be pregnant again, though she is expected to do new teleserye anytime soon.

Dingdong and Marian’s first born Maria letizia can’t hardly wait to be called ‘Ate’. Marian said that Zia has been asking them for a baby brother.

Her GMA shows like Sunday Pinasaya and Tadana is what keeping Marian busy these days. While her husband Dingdong Dantes has started filming for his Metro Manila Film Festival movie.

He will be working with Vice Ganda for the first tome for Fantastica: The Princess, The Prince and The Perya.

Rumors of Dingdong Dantes running for 2019 election are going around social media. Nothing is confirmed as of the moment.

Whether he will run or not, i’m sure his wife Marian Rivera will fully support him.

But is is indeed confirmed that Dingdong will run for The Color Run 2018 with his wife Marian Rivera.