Marian sings Luha by Aegis

Marian Rivera’s 34th birthday celebration at Solaire Resort was so much fun, based on the photos and videos shared by her friends.

Dingdong Dantes surprised his wife with a 3 day celebration at Solaire Resort, the same place where they spent the first days of their married life with their families and friends.

And now at Marian’s 34th birthday, Dingdong took Marian to the same sentimental place, now with their 2 year old daughter Maria Letizia.

Marian posted on her Instagram, “Happiest at 34.”

Here’s a photo of Marian with Dingdong’s side of the family.

Here’s the whole gang.

Marian also had a hilarious karaoke duet with her BFF Boobay.

We all know Marian love Aegis, she had a duet with Aegis during her 2014 wedding reception. She loves singing and belting aegis songs.

And here is her rendition of Aegis song “Luha” with BFF Boobay.

It’s so funny!