The 1st anniversary episode of Tadhana, Marian Rivera’s weekly drama anthology on GMA-7, was aired last Saturday June 23.

The first episode of Tadhana was released on May 20, 2017 and since then, Marian has shared the knowledge of the experiences of our brothers and sisters who are forced to work abroad to give their families a bright future.

There are OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) who are successful and have failed but Tadhana aims to share all the experiences they have.

Many say that we are the ones who dictate our destiny and fate. And as the host of Tadhana, we asked Marian’s opinion.

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Marian was asked, “Based on what’s happening in your life today, do you think life is set by destiny or do you yourself make your destiny?”

“Both ako, pero ikaw talaga ang gagawa ng sariling kapalaran kung ano ang gusto mo na mangyari sa buhay mo at paano ia-adjust, ayon sa gusto o pangarap mo,”

[I think both, but you are actually the one making your own destiny, what you want to happen to your life and how to adjust, according to your wants or dreams]

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Marian is indeed the perfect host for Tadhana as her mother was an OFW who had to leave her when she was younger.

Tadhana aims to share the stories of our OFWs every Saturday.