Fit Celebrity Moms shared their secrets to keeping their body sexy

Fit celebrity moms Marian Rivera, Jennylyn Mercad, Sunshine Cruz and LJ Reyes shared their secrets to keeping in their body super sexy after motherhood.

The celebrity mommies keep their fitness level high even with the demands of their every day life most especially with their kids. These moms juggle being celebrities and being full-time mommies to their little ones.

Jennylyn Mercado shared that she likes to do muay thai, running, biking and swimming to still be active. Jen is happy to be a fitness inspiration to all the mommies out there.

The 40 year old sunshine Cruz is now an ageless beauty and many times people mistake her for being an older sister to three of her beautiful daughters with Cesar Montano.

She shared that when she doesn’t have work, she make sure that she spends time with her kids even if it means staying at home and bonding and just ordering takeout food and watching movies.

LJ Reyes makes sure that she is present for all of her sons’ milestone because it gives her happiness in life.

She said that when it comes to raising a child, she wants to live longer so that she can witness all the experiences that he will go through. It’s a glow from within when you are happy with your life.

The Kapuso primetime queen Marian Rivera shared that her baby Zia push her to love exercise. Marian confessed that she did not like exercise before.

But she wants to be healthy now for her daughter because she’s going out and she’s already playful.

Marian wants to be able to keep up with her growing toddler hence she told herself that she wants to be fit and strong.