Aiko Melendez on Marian “Wala yatang araw na di siya maganda.”

We all know Marian Rivera-Dantes is one of the most beautiful actresses in Showbizness.

Many admire her beauty even other fellow celebrities.

Actress Aiko Melendez recently commented in a photo of Marian Rivera-Dantes posted by Marian’s friend and Make-up artist Bambbi Fuentes.

Bambbi posted, “Always lovely Marian for Sunday Pinasaya.”

Aiko commented, “Parang wala yatang araw bambs na di siya maganda.”


And we totally agree with Ms. Aiko, Marian is beautiful all the time.

In other news, Super Maam is one of the most talk about show on twitter according to Social Wit List.

It is also the only Filipino television show that made it on the list.


Congrats Super Maam!