Marian denies feud with Cristine Reyes

A rumor about Marian Rivera and Cristine Reyes is circulating. The rumor was said to have been spread by a fan from outside of the country.

Apparently, the fan wants to know the truth of the video clip of last Sunday’s premiere night of Seven Sundays.

It is noteworthy that in the video, Cristine Reyes greeted all the actors there. However, it was made to appear that she was snobbish towards Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera.

So the usual reaction is that some of Marian’s fans are upset with Cristine. They are asking why she would like to do that to Marian.


Second, though, Marian is considered as a guest in the premiere night of her husband Dingdong Dantes’ movie and is not worthy of receiving such treatment.

But reporters already reached out to Marian and she denied the issue.

Marian immediately responded when asked through text. So the issue will be resolved immediately. For the record: it is not true that Cristine had snubbed Marian in the premiere night.

Marian said, “Wit lumapit at nag-kiss sa akin, sabi pa kumusta ka na, ang ganda-gand­a mo.”


[No. It’s not true. She approached and kissed me. She even asked, how are you, you’re so beautiful.”]

Marian laughed that there was an immediate issue on the short video that obviously did not get the whole scene.

Marian also explained that it was not possible to see on the video how the two of them talked since it was a short video.

So, maybe it’s clear and there is no cause for hate and bashing?
Marian said, “Hindi totoo at wala namang dahilan para hindi kami magbatian. Okey kami ni Cristine.”

[It’s not true and there’s no reason for us to snub each other. Cristine and I are okay.]