Marian and Kim had a sexy showdown

Kapuso star Marian Rivera and her long lost sister played by Kim Domingo in “Super Ma’am” finally meet each other again.

However, Minerva doesn’t have inkling that Kim as Avenir is her long lost sister. Avenir got lost when an earthquake in the mountains killed their mom  played by Dina Bonnevie. Since then, Avenir grew up under the care of Greta played by Jackielou Blanco, the evil queen of Tamawos.

Greta even sent Kim to India for training. Now, Kim’s mission is to fight Super Ma’am, Minerva’s alter ego, and the Tamawo killer.

In the next episodes, they will have very physical confrontations and it will be action-packed. Both Marian and Kim trained in martial arts and fight routines to make sure they will be ready to do their action scenes themselves, without needing a double.

“Pareho nilang ayaw magpatalbog sa isa’t isa,” says the show’s director, L.A. Madridejos. “Hahanga ka kay Marian kasi fit na fit pa rin at maliksi ang katawan. Hindi mo iisiping may baby na siya kasi nakaka-wow talaga ang bawat eksena niya. Tututukan mo talaga ang fight scenes nila ni Kim dahil very exciting ang dating on screen.”

[You will be amazed with Marian because she’s still super fit and active. You would not think that she already has a baby because her scenes will truly make you wow. You will really be glued on her fight scenes with Kim because they look extremely exciting on screen.]

The ratings show that the episode showing Marian’s first transformation from being the nerdy Teacher Minerva to the sexy and agile Super Ma’am was really much awaited by a lot of viewers.

“Sa social media, puro positive ang comments sa kanya,” says Direk L.A. “Napahanga sila nang husto sa ganda at kaseksihan niya. At ngayong nalaman na ni Minerva ang extent ng kanyang super powers, mas magiging intense siya sa layunin niyang maging tagapagligtas ng mga tao laban sa mga Tamawong kumikidnap pati sa mga bata sa bayan nila.”

[On social media, there were a lot of positive comments for her. They were in awe of her beauty and sexiness. And now that Minerva knows the extent of her super powers, she will be more convicted to rescue people from Tamawos who kidnap kids from their land.]


Source: Showbiz Portal