Marian Rivera shares a message to Baby Zia

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is definitely one of the most beautiful faces in the industry. She is without a doubt, a goddess and on a league of her own.

She has shared many time how she takes care of herself. She confessed that she’s really very meticulous when it comes to taking care of her self. Marian really puts in effort and time to make sure that she is presentable to people.

The Super Ma’am actress was asked what beauty tips she’d like to share and she’d like Zia to inherit from her.

Here are her top tips:

“Number one rule, take care of your skin. Sorry, maarte ako sa skin ko gusto ko ipasa ‘yun sa anak ko. And number two, kailangan ‘pag babae ka maganda ‘yung hair mo. And number three, ang pinaka-importante sa lahat, ano man ang mangyari, physical man ‘yan, hair mo at skin mo, lahat ‘yan nabubura at nawawala. Pero ‘yung attitude towards your parents and towards other people, ‘yun ang pinaka-importante sa’kin.”

[Number one rule. Sorry, I’m really meticulous when it comes to my skin and I want my daughter to take that after me. Number two, when you’re a woman, your hair should be nice too. And number three, the most important of all, no matter what happens be it physical, your hair or your skin, all of that is temporary. But your attitude towards your parents and towards other people, that’s the most important for me.]

She also shared the she doesnt want her little girl to enter showbiz. As much as possible, she would like her to finish her studies. But to Marian, she’s open to the fact that it might be inevitable for Zia to enter showbiz because it is the industry that both her parents are in.


Source: Inside Showbiz