Got stretchmarks? Here’s what to do about them!

One of the eye-catching marks on the skin, especially in women, is the presence of stretch marks on the body. In an episode of “Pinoy MD,” resident dermatologist Dra. Jean Marquez answered if there was any way to get rid of it.

According to Dra. Jean, it is not true that the “kamot” has no cure or medicine.

He explained, one of the most effective ways to remove stretch marks is the laser procedure.

“Marami na rin po tayong magagawa sa stretch marks. Unang-una yung mga ipinapahid, hindi talaga ‘yan completely na makakahilom, maaari lang mapi-prevent yung further irritation o pangangati. Pero its not enough para mawala ang marks,”

[“There’s a lot more to do with stretch marks. First are the ointments, they cannot completely heal but it can only prevent further irritation, but it’s not enough to lose marks,”] she explained.

Dra. Jean said, there are various laser procedures that are now effective ways to lose stretch marks but one should study what in these processes should be chosen such as Q-switched Laser and Ablative Laser.

She further explained that there are laser procedures that can cause some pain and also cause skin rash but can cause skin darkening.

The most recommended by Dra. Jean is the process called “carboxytheraphy.”

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