Marian reveals Maine is her close friend

Kapuso royal star Marian Rivera admitted that Kapuso sweetheart Maine Mendoza is a very close friend of hers.

Maine once posted that she ordered flowers from Flora Vida, the flower arranging company that Marian owns.

Some netizens were happy that the two biggest stars of GMA are good friends. They are also from the same management.

Marian revealed that she only posted about talking to Maine once but they talk almost everyday. They’re very close and they even have secrets.

Many don’t know that she and Maine instantly clicked when they first met. They have talked countless times on the phone.

They just havent had the time to go out and bond, but Marian considers Maine as one of her truest and closest friends.

She shared that there are many people whom she meet but doesn’t jive with. But with Maine, it’s different. She sees herself in Maine.

She mentioned that Maine has a very unique style of humor, which we all know to be true. She explained that theyre very similar.

Maine is really funny and Marian definitely has a kalog side too. Marian describes Maine as a genuine person which she values very much.

Marian has given Maine countless advice on how to survive the showbiz industry. She would just say, “Ganun talaga” [It is as it is]

“When you’re an actres, the price you have to pay is you will be a public property.”

“Everything that you do, the people, you have to please them.
The important thing is that you enjoy it and that you are true to yourself and many people love you
She’s very brave. She’s strong.” She said.