How Dingdong & Marian’s ‘Alone Time’ changed because of Zia

It’s been almost two years since Kapuso power couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes were gifted with their little princess Maria Letizia Dantes, or Zia.

Marian said it’s priceless to be a mom. She said that this is the fulfillment of her being a mom. This is the “role” that she really wants in life.

The first time Marian held Baby Zia in her arms, she couldn’t keep her eyes off her daughter.

She instantly forgot that she was tired, hadn’t eaten nor slept for hours, and that her body was sore and aching.

So, now that they are three in the family, how does Marian and Dingdong maintain their “lovey-dovey” time?

“It’s actually challenging because I lie at the middle of the bed. And then I breastfeed Zia on the side and Dingdong is on the other side.”

“But usually, I don’t mind Dong. I focus on Zia. Then when Zia is asleep, I will cuddle Dingdong.
So Zia will wake up, and then I do it again.”

“Eventually, we’ll have no sleep.
If only I could spread myself between the two.”

Marian also shared that Dingdong also adapted to the changes. The actress said she salutes all the moms in the world because being a mom is not a joke. It’s a priceless thing.

What are their fears as parents?

“At first, Dingdong was happy we had a daughter.”

“Then, he realized later “Where am I sending my daughter to school? All girls! I don’t want her to be courted.”

She would often tease her husband, “‘Ay, may boobs na yata si Zia!’ [I think Zia has boobs]

“He would say, ‘Stop it!'”

But kidding aside, Marian wants to enjoy every minute of motherhood. Because when she thinks about Zia growing up, having a boyfriend, and then eventually leaving them, it makes her really sad.

Good thing they have so many years ahead of them.