Eliminate Belly fat. Here’s how!

Having a small stomach is not just an indication of being sexy, it also indicates the good health of the person. The show “Pinoy MD” featured the right way to lose your belly button.

If diet and exercise are not effective for losing the fat in the stomach, your method may be wrong. It’s not just about how much you work out or how clean you it. You also have to know the different kinds of fat in your body.

There is more than one type. Understanding the kinds of fat will help you target it better.

According to “Pinoy MD,” there are two types of belly fat called “subcutaneous fat” and “visceral fat.”

Subcutaneous fat is a fat that can squeeze and is just under the skin so it’s easier to shrink.

While it is harder to shrink and lose “visceral fat” because this fat is wrapped around the organs.

In addition to the poor visceral fat reduction, the person who has this risk is much higher in diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

To learn tips for proper exercise and proper diet to lose weight, watch the video: