Celebrities on Political issues

Recently, many celebrities have received criticisms for expressing their political stand.

But curious to know what your other celebs have to say?

Here are some of them:


“Dingdong (Dantes, her husband) and I talk about our country’s issues. But, if he is very vocal about them because of the advocacies he supports, I prefer not to talk about them too much.

Hindi naman sa wala akong pakialam sa mga nangyayari sa paligid natin [it’s not that I care less about what’s happening around us]—of course I do, because what’s at stake is the future of my child. Ano’ng klase ng kinabukasan ang ipapamana ko sa kanya [What kind of future will she inherit from me]?

But, what you say has consequences. In my case, whatever stand my husband takes, our daughter Zia and I will be there to support him.

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“Yes, it’s all right for celebrities to be outspoken about their political views. They’re free to say whatever they want to say—it’s still a free country, at least for now.

But, as an actor, I leave politics and political issues to politicians. I believe that “art” should not be compromised by politics or religion—that way, I can portray whichever character I’m tasked to breathe life into, without bias.

So, an actor should keep his political beliefs to himself, because it can cloud his judgment. Just wait for your time to get elected, then you can “express” your political opinion with “passion.”

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“Yes, actors should be allowed to discuss what their opinions are about politics. Whichever politician you’re supporting, hindi ka dapat matakot (you shouldn’t be afraid) to express why you’re supporting him or her.

If you care about your country, you can’t pretend to ignore what’s happening around you. I support President Duterte’s war on drugs, but it’s worrisome to think that some of the people around him are just “power-tripping.”

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Source: Inquirer