Marian Rivera to shoot fight scenes with Dingdong Dantes?

The comeback series of Kapuso Queen Marian Rivera is already top-rating in just its second week!

Super Ma’am is doing really well and the viewers are truly loving it.

And why wouldn’t they? Aside from the light and fun story, the action scenes are pretty impressive.

Marian Rivera is actually good at doing action scenes. She has proven herself countless times in the past when she did her other action-ready characters.

She has played Amaya, Kung Fu Divas, and the ever-iconic Darna. And now, as the new hero in town, Marian is Super Ma’am. She plays Teacher Minerva Heneral, a kind-hearted teacher who doubles as a Tamawo-slayer when needed.

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Many fans have noticed that she can be at par with her husband Dingdong Dantes as far as doing action scenes are concerned.  Dingdong is currently starring on Alyas: Robin Hood and his fighting skills are on full-on display.

Will there be a Marian vs. Dingdong fight scene any time in the future?

How do you think it will go? And who would win?

If Dingdong will agree to a villain role against Marian, she’s probably more than ready to give it a go.

It’s fun to think about it but many fans don’t like the idea. They prefer their favorite couple to always be romantic and cheesy.

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You can watch these two love birds be all action-packed on their shows that come one after the other. Catch Super Ma’am on GMA Telebabad after 24 Oras, followed immediately by Dingdong’s Alyas: Robin Hood.


Source: Abante