Health Tip: Don’t swim after eating. Here’s why!

There are things that should not be done immediately after eating, Dra Bles Salvador reminds in her program “Dra. Bles @ Ur Serbis” in DZMM.

Here are the things to avoid after eating:


According to Salvador, more carcinogens, or those can cause cancer, enter in our body when we smoke after eating.

“‘The nicotine that’s in the cigarette will be with the oxygen of our body and it will be difficult for us to dissolve our food,” the doctor added.

In general health, smoking should also be avoided, as it is said that one is also more likely to have a lymphatic cancer.

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Salvador also reminds you to avoid walking after eating because a person may have acid reflux that can cause heartburn or feel like a chest pain.

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One should wait around one hour after eating to sleep in order to prevent “bloating” or the feeling that our body is full of wind.

According to Salvador, instant sleep can also cause acid reflux.

She also reminds him to take a little rest before going to bed to avoid stroke.

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Salvador’s advice is to wait 30 minutes to an hour before bathing or swimming.

“As you know, more blood flow in hands and legs when you swim or shower [rather than] your blood goes to your stomach where you need blood oxygen to digest,” said Salvador.

“You will have a problem with the digestive system because there is lesser blood that will go to your stomach.”

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Drinking tea

Before taking tea, wait 30 minutes to an hour after eating because the tea can affect the good absorption of iron in our body.

“For example, if you eat protein, eat iron rich foods, you cannot absorb that food because the tea ingredient will restrict it. The tea will not let it go or allow it to go into our body, the iron and other proteins that we eat, “Salvador explained.

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