Dantes Family Sundate!


Even though both Marian and Dingdong are busy with their individual projects, their family remain to be their number one priority.

Today, Sunday is family day for the dantes family. Marian took the time off from her sunday show Sunday Pinasaya to spend the whole day with her ‘Mag-ama’.

Dingdong shared this sweet photo of Marian and Zia on his instagram account.

he captioned, “Pasta Mader, Sweet Laber.”


It looks like The Dantes Family spent their sunday in Soña’s Garden.

Dingdong and Marian’s favorite restaurant, where they also had their first date.

Many people consider Dingdong and Marian as “Relationship Goals” because of how strong and how they remain so sweet to eachother through the years.


It always put a smile in our faces seeing   The Dantes Family.