Marian Rivera’s advice to Matthias Rhodes.

The upcoming series Super Ma’am is the first big break of Filipino-American model Matthias Rhoads. He will be Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera’s leading man.

But before launching their teleserye on September 18, Monday, the new actor has been the subject of hate and bashing from some Marian fans.

This is because of his social media post about his working relationship with Marian.

Matthias said, “I posted the first photo that I have with Marian, which is for the promotion of Super Ma’am.

“I told the world I’m so fortunate for this opportunity to be working with this wonderful lady, Marian Rivera, and it just so happens we have a powerful combination in the zodiac sign.

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“She’s Leo, and we have the same birthday, August 12.

“So, the first time I met her, I said we have that connection, August 12.

“So I posted online and then I have some bashers saying, ‘Who are you to … you’re using her. User! ‘”

He continued, “At first [my reaction] was, ‘What’s going on?’

“But, I guess, that’s something I have to understand.

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“So, at that point, I stopped. There’s nothing important here.

“The important thing is I’m letting them know that this is the new project.”

He and Marian talked about it.

According to Matthias, “She said that’s part of the job.

“Part of the job is dealing with that type of attention. There’s gonna be positive attention and negative attention.

“Marian said, ‘You know what that means? You are effective and you made an impact, so good job. ‘”

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Matthias said during an interview at the grand launch of Super Ma’am at Le Reve Events Place, in Quezon City, Monday night, on September 11.

MARIAN’S ADVICE. Super Ma’am is Matthias’s biggest television break, after he was auditioned for the character Matteo Domingo of My Love From the Star, who went to the hands of the newcomer Gil Cuerva.

Matthias responded that he did not get the plum role in the Philippine edition of My Love From the Star because he was not yet fluent in Tagalog.

He said, “I feel that I’m working on my acting and I’ve had a lot of opportunities.”