Maria Letizia and Scarlet Playtime!

After the pictorial of Mama Marian Rivera-Dantes for Super Maam, they went to visit Sra Vicki Belo and Scarlet for some Zia and Scarlet playtime.

Both Zia and Scarlet will be the flower girls on the upcoming wedding of Hayden Kho and Dra. Vicki Belo.

Zia is very malambing, she keeps hugging scarlet and told her ‘Wawa’ because scarlet has a scratch on her lips.

She also wants to play with her and told her ‘Come on..’.

Baby Maria Letizia Dantes is turning two in November. Is it time for a new Kapuso royal baby?

Marian Rivera expressed her desire for another child in a recent interview during a launch of her new endorsement for a local shampoo brand.

She has always been open about wanting a big family. So, it’s no surprise that she wants another one only two years after Zia is born.

When asked if she wants a boy or a girl? She said she hopes for a son to complete their family. But she doesn’t mind getting another princess.


“But if it’s still a girl, why not? We’re all girls. Dong will be happy that he’s the only man in our life,” she said with a laugh.

She and husband Dingdong still have a lot of projects lined up for them. Marian promised that they will fulfill all of their commitments before going to project-baby-number-2.

“But don’t worry. I will complete my work first. But hopefully this year,” she said.
Are you as excited as we are for a new Dantes baby? Would you want a boy or a girl?