The Kapuso Royal couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes have been going stronger than ever in their married life.

Marian shared that their secret to a happy married life is being open to each other. They don’t have secrets; they share almost anything and everything with each other.

Even the smallest and tiniest details of their day, they share and appreciate about each other. She also mentioned that they are very confident and trusting of each other.

She doesn’t need to meddle in Dingdong’s decision or day-to-day schedule. In the same way, her husband doesn’t try to decide for her when it comes to her career.

They have confidence in each other and in their respective managers.
Also, their beautiful daughter Zia binds their relationship like glue.

She said that it’s an entirely different game of happy when Zia came in their lives. They are more understanding, more patient and more loving towards each other.

She also hinted that she and Dingdong want to have another baby sometime this year. She has promised though, that she will still finish all of the projects lined up for her and Dingdong.


She assured everyone, including their management, that even though they already want a sibling for Zia, Dingdong and she are committed to fulfilling their work obligations.

Are you also excited for a new royal baby? Would it be another princess or a prince this time?