For the nth time, Marian has NO TWITTER ACCOUNT

A recent tweet from a Marian Rivera parody account ‘Superstarmarian’ causes the real Marian to be bashed by some Duterte supporters online.

The person behind superstarmarian twitter account tweeted her own personal opinion about the recent controversy regarding EJK.

And some Duterte supporters thought it was Marian who really tweeted it.

Marian posted on her twitter account to clarify it.

FYI: Wala po akong Twitter account, hindi po ako si “superstarmarian” sa twitter at hindi ko rin kilala ang taong nasa likod nito. At sana tumigil na ang ganitong mga account na gumagamit sa pangalan ng ibang tao.


Marian also stated before that she does not have a twitter account.

For the record : Marian Rivera-Dantes NEVER HAD a twitter acct. She is NOT superstarmarian (on twitter). Marian only has a personal IG and FB fan page. So stop attacking her with insults and threats. To Mr.Riyoh Next Chapter, paki check muna bago ka po mag-post.