Baby Zia joins Mommy Marian in an interview.

Baby Zia joins Mommy Marian in an interview.

Zia was with her mom Marian Dantes during the launch of Snow Crystal White Tomato. She stayed in another room during the event.

Dad Dingdong Dantes was taping for Alyas Robin Hood 2 so Marian brought Zia with her. They will go to the mall after the event

The press had a chance to interview Marian and Zia too. Yes, Zia is now talkative, and she even answered the questions with matching actions. Asked how old she is, Zia raised one finger and loudly replied “One”.

When asked where she and Mommy will go, she replied “mall” and told us that she will ride a horse, even demonstrating to us how it is done.


Then the press again asked the name of her Mom,”Mayan”, she replied and her dad is “Dingdong”. Asked where her Dad is … “Gym”, she said.

Zia knows how to count from one to ten and can recite the alphabet as well. It was cute to hear her say the alphabet even if she can’t pronounce some of the letters yet.


Zia is also a sweet girl as she waved good bye (in a ‘never-ending’ manner 🙂 ) to the people especially Rams David (of Triple A management) whom she calls “Ateng”.

Anyway, August 3 is Marian’s taping day for an episode of Tadhana (and Dingdong will be her director).