Marian and Zia ‘Ay May Daga’ Mirror edition!

Marian and Zia ‘Ay May Daga’ Mirror edition!

Yesterday was Daddy Dong’s 37th birthday, and before the big celebration, Mama Marian and Baby Zia took Daddy Dong to a lunch date.

Zia was wearing a cute floral dress, Zia look so lady like.

Mama Marian posted this cute clip of her and Zia doing their signature pose of ‘Ay may Daga!’

This is the first time we get to see it on video, before it was all photos. So cute!

Check it out below..

Mama Marian recently talk about Daddy Dong ss a Dad.

She said, she doesn’t mind or get jealous of all of Dingdong’s attention is for Zia.

“Hindi ano ba! Dugo at laman ko yun! Gusto ko nga yun, nakikita ko kung gaano na siya ka hands on na tatay.”


Marian also said that Dingdong also doesn’t mind if Zia got all ger attention.

“Si Dong ang pinaka understanding sa lahat ng understanding!” She said.