Is Zia more apprehensive(fearful) of Marian or Dong?

Is Zia more apprehensive(fearful) of Marian or Dong?

Marian had an interview with the press during the launching of her new endorsement, Snow Crystal Whitening.

She tLkef about how they make sure Zia will bot be a spoiled child.

Marian says, “We tell her when she does something wrong. She understands easily. If I say no, then it’s no. The mother is ‘maldita (naughty and feisty)’, so she listens.”

Is Zia more apprehensive(fearful) Marian or Dong?

Marian answers, “Me. Ziaaaaa and she says ‘Mama, love you.’ She’s knows how to show affection, maybe she got that from me, she’s really very sweet.”

She also clarifies her answer earlier that Dong is sometimes ‘nagtatampo (sulking)’ …

“That’s just ‘echos’, don’t take it seriously… not Dong, he is the most understanding person I know.” Marian says.

Even if his or her attention is always on Zia…

Marian says. “That’s okay, there is no reason to be jealous regarding Zia, she is my flesh and bood. I even want his attention to be on Zia, I see how a good a father he is, I’m okay with it.”

Both Dingdong and Marian is working on their upcoming teleseryes. “Super Ma’am” and “Alyas Robinhood book 2.”

Though they are both superheroes Marian said the story are far from eachother.

They also make sure they don’t work on the same day. One of them work M-W-F and the other one is T-TH-S.