Baby Zia getting a hand paint tattoo!

Baby Zia getting a hand kiddy tattoo!

Baby Maria Letizia Dantes attended the 1st birthday party of her friend Matteo.

Dadd Dong, Mommy Marian and her aunties also attended the event.

She not only joined a game for the first time but she also got her first hand paint tattoo.

She was calmy sitting at her Mama Marian’s lap as she gets her first her first paint tattoo. So cute!

Mean while Mama Marian shared her feelings about working with Daddy Dong as a director for the first time.

Is she excited to be directed by Dong?

“Yes. Truth is, I told him, ‘Mahal (Love), I have this nervous feeling that you will be my director, I feel like not doing this anymore. They said you are a strict director.’ He teasingly told me, ‘I’m different when we’re there, I’m not your husband, I’m your director’. It’s exciting.

He always texts me ‘I miss working with you’. Sometimes when I’m taping, I take a selfie and send it to him, he would reply, “You know what Mahal, I miss working with you’. And because I am a sensitive person, I cry.

This will be their first time to work together after a long time. When is it airing?

“August. Yes, it’s like our birthday gift (for the fans).

Since you miss working together, why don’t you have a project together before having another baby?

“We can’t do that … have pity on Zia,maybe when she’s old enough… and I’ll be older by that time too.”