Marian’s gift to Dingdong “Me Myself and I”

What is your reaction to Liza Soberano as Darna?

M: She’s okay, she’s beautiful …perfect for her.

Do you have a message for her?

M: It’s a bit awkward to give a message since we don’t really know each other. Good luck. Anyone who wears (Darna costume) it will surely get support especially if it’s her since the majority likes her to be Darna, and she’s pretty, sexy … she can do it.

Is Aiai part of Super Ma’am?

M: Yes, she’s a special guest. She told me, ‘Kambal, I’m already old to do these fight scenes on top of a train’, so I would coax her and tell her it’s okay and Ai said, ‘I’m so tired’. It’s like our movie Kung Fu Divas. She went on a diet (and lost weight) for health reasons, not because she wants to be sexy.

When is the airing of Super Ma’am?

M: GMA will decide on it, around September.
What can you say about

SPS, it’s been two years with consistent ratings.

M: Yes Our writers are good, the people behind SPS, the artists are also good .. which made the show a success.

Why were you not around last week?

M: I had taping the day before and it ended the following day . I got home at 2 am. My daughter will not see me (if I go to SPS), she might say ‘who you?’, I will cry. But that will not happen, because she sleeps with me and I always use FaceTime and say ‘Hi Ziaaaa’.

What’s your birthday gift to Dong?

M: Me. Myself and I…just me. We’ll go to Mass, dine together with his family and my’s always been like that.

Are you not going to travel somewhere to celebrate?

M: Surprise.