Marian and Baby Zia goes malling!

Tell us more about your next soap.

M: I play a teacher in my next soap. Being a teacher used to be my dream. It’s entitled Super Ma’am because I’m a Ma’am here. There many action scenes and much more. I cannot divulge more except that the concept is I am a super hero, whether at home or in school, I will defend the oppressed.

Will you wear a sexy costume?

M: I have a super hero costume but I’m done with sexy stuff, I’m already a mother.

How are you during taping?

M: As I’ve said, I cry whenever I miss my daughter Zia, I have separation anxiety. Sometime I would call Dong, I have a monitor, and he would ask me ‘where are you?’. I’m in the van and he says ‘why are you inside the van, go out and talk with the staff, before you know it, it’s time to go home’. Sometimes I call Ateng and tell him while crying ‘Ateng, I miss my daughter’, I really look crazy. I guess it’s really like that for any mother.

What about now that Dong also has work, who looks after Zia?

M: We have alternate taping schedules one is MWF, the other is T-Th-S. I have an early cut-off.

Is Zia still awake when you get home?

M: No, she’s already asleep.

What about when you leave for work.

M: She’s still asleep.

How do you make up for your absence?

M: Like now, after this event, we’re going to the mall and enjoy some rides. I told her, ‘Zia, I have to work first, then we go to the mall after.’ And she says ‘mall? Okay. Ride horse, Nemo?’, ‘Yes, yes, after (the event).

So, both of you are now super heroes?

M: Yes, but his show has a different theme from mine.