Marian shows her 19 inches waistline + Baby Zia wants a Baby Brother!

Hi Marian, congratulations on another endorsement. What’s making you more beautiful these days?

M: It’s the Snow Crystal White Tomato. As we’ve discussed earlier, this is not really for skin whitening but to make the skin glow. It’s a supplement you take if you’re feeling stressed, haggard from lack of sleep or tired from work.

Define glow.

M: glow? (Turns her back and faces the interviewers). This is glow.
You even have more endorsements now that you have a daughter, a husband….
M: All these opportunities are for my daughter.

Do you know what people have been saying, you’ve become more beautiful, sexier…

M: That’s okay with me, better than people saying I became ugly after having a child. If there are changes after becoming a mother, that’s fine with me because it’s priceless to have a child. That’s why you have to take care of yourself, it’s a good thing I was introduced to this product.

Do you agree with the observation that you’ve become prettier, more blooming and glowing …

M: I’d say it’s because of the change in my disposition in life, my perception on things and people, even my priorities. That’s more important than the outer appearance.

Don’t you feel pressured by the expectations of people now that you are a mother?

M: No. I want to set an example to women that you don’t have to neglect yourself once you’ve become a mother. There are ways to take care of yourself. If you feel that you have matured, that’s okay because life is really like that. We all come to a point where we have to age. I have no fear to reach that point , why should I? Especially if I will have more children, that’s okay..besides they’ve already seen how I was when I was in the bagets (young) stage.

What does Dong tell you now that you’re even more beautiful? Are you ready for another baby?
M: I have to finish my soap, that’s my promise to GMA and I will fulfill that promise. I’ve been honest with GMA, I told them that I’ll try to have another baby after my teleserye. We hope to be blessed with another child.
A baby boy?

M: I hope so. But it’s also okay if it’s another girl. Then all of us will be girls and Dong is lucky that he’s the only man in our life.

What about Zia?

M: Ask her, she knows about it. She wants a baby brother.

How many do you want?

M: 4 or 5 more, that’s my dream. Anyway I can always get back to my 19-inch waistline.
What about having twins?

M: That’s fine with me too, but that will be the last hurray, not for now.