Marian fight scene on the roof of a train!

Marian fight scene on the roof of a train!

It’s been almost 4 years since we last saw Marian doing fight scenes. We all know she does her own stunts.

For Super Maam, we will get to see Marian doing fight scenes and her own stunts as her new show is a fantasy-action tv series.

Marian was spotted at Tutuban PNR Train station for the taping of her up coming fantaserye Super Maam.

One of the executive producers of her new show shared a photo of Marian on top of a train for a scene.

While she can easily ask a stunt woman to be her double but nope, she does her own stunts. What a brave Queen!

A netizen also share this photo of Marian, while walking to the location of her scene. The netizens were so star struck when she saw Marian passing by.

Marian is wearing her super hero costume, Aiai Delas alas were also spotted, but we’re not sure if she is part of the cast or just a guest.


Super Maam is set to replace Mulawin vs. Ravena soon on GMA Primetime.

Super Maam will be back to back with Alyas Robinhood Book 2 which will replace My love from the stars.