Daddy Dong and Baby Zia at the gym!

Daddy Dong and Baby Zia at the gym!

Daddy Dingdong and Mama Marian Rivera always make sure that they don’t work at the same time. They fox their work schedule around Baby Zia.

If one is working, the other one should stay with Baby Zia.

Today, Mama Marian is in Pampanga for the taping of Super Maam. It means Daddy Dong has no work today.

Daddy Dong posted this adorable video of him and Baby Zia at the gym. He captioned, “Leg day! Letizia Day.”

Baby Zia was so cute copying his Daddy’s work out. And she does it very well.

Daddy Dong has taping schedule as well for the Book 2 of Alyas Robinhood.

It was reported that Marian and Dingdong will be back to back in Primetime soon.

It’s been 3 years since Marian did a full time teleserye. She took a break to focus on Baby Zia.

Soon the long wait will be over…