Baby Zia having so much fun with her swimming lesson!

Baby Maria Letizia dantes started her swimming lesson, and her Daddy Dingdong is her teacher.

Daddy Dong and Baby Zia’s special moment is well documented by her Mama Marian.

Daddy dong shared Baby Zia’s first underwater shot. Baby Zia was even smiling and her eyes were open.


Since she was a baby she loves the water. Mama Marian and Daddy Dong never had a problem bathing Baby Zia because she loves bath time.

And now we see it in her swimming lesson, she is not afraid of water.

She is indeed Dyesebel and Fredo’s daughter.

Marian also posted a photo of Baby Zia getting ready to jump in the pool with her Daddy Dong.

Baby Zia is so adorable wearing a pink hello kitty swimsuit.