“buong buhay ko feeling ko anak ko lang nagandahan sa boses ko!”

Mommy Marian’s Song for Baby Zia!

Marian revealed her song for Baby Zia, and said in her whole life she feel that only Baby Zia appreciate her singing voice.

Marian said, her singing voice makes Baby Zia fall asleep.


Camille: When no one is watching, they don’t know what i do at home is…

Marian: Singing!

Gabby: i was about to say that!

Marian: My daughter.. you know what i feel loke my whole life she is the only one who thinks i have a glood singing voice.

Camille: Really?

Marian: whenever i sing to her, it’s like she’s saying.. ‘you’re so good mommy!” Then she fell asleep.


Camille: what do you sing to her?

Marian: Mei Mei ang baby~ mahal ni Mommy~ ( Go to sleep baby, mommy loves you!)

Camille: That’s your own composition?

Marian: yes, i sing it to her over and over again until she feels sleepy.. then smiles.. and fell asleep.

You can watch the video HERE

Though Marian is busy lately with taping for her new teleserye, Marian puts a limit to her schedule to prioritized Baby Zia.

She remains to be a hands on Mom to Baby Zia.