Breastmilk talk and curious husbands.

Breastmilk talk and curious husbands.

During the YAM cooking segment, first time Mom Marian Dantes asked if it’s possible to use breast milk for cooking.

Marian, together with her guests, cousins Danica Sotto-Pingris and Ciara Sotto all wondered how the food would taste with breast milk.

Danica shared that there was a time when they were out and she pumped milk. However, her baby was asleep and they cannot store the milk. Not wanting the breast milk to go to waste, her husband Marc Pingris drank it.

Danica also knows someone who adds breast milk to her husband’s coffee.

“Is that a potion? Hmm, I can try that with Kopiko Blanca,” Marian jokingly said.

Marian then mentioned that her husband Dingdong Dantes was also curious about the taste of breast milk. So she told him to go ahead and taste it.

“actually noon na curious siya, sabi niya ano kayang lasa ng [breast] Milk…”

She answered, “Tikman mo!”

Sensing that the audience might misinterpret her statement, Marian immediately added that breastmilk was stored in a bottle.

“Hoy hindi sa akin! Siempre sa bottle!”