Baby Zia teases Daddy Dong!

Baby Zia teases Daddy Dong!

We found this adorable video of Daddy Dingdong and Baby Maria Letizia during the launching of their Johnson & Johnson TV Commercial.

While Mommy Marian was having an interview on stage, Daddy Dong and Baby Zia were playing.

Baby Zia was teasing his Daddy, she looks like she wants to go down the stage and she was trying to get his daddy’s hands off her.

Daddy Dong tried his best to hold her, but look at Baby Zia’s face.. she was having so much fun teasing her Dad!

Her facial expression is so adorable! And Daddy Dong is such a doting Daddy.

Though Daddy Dong has started taping again for Alyas Robinhood book 2, Baby Zia remains his priority, and he is still a hands on Daddy.


We heard Alyas Robinhood will replace My love from the stars.