“Payat ako kasi nagpapa dede ako… sa Anak ko!” – Marian

During Sunday Pinasaya taping, Marian had a funny conversation with fans.

Inbetween takes with Boobay Marian answered some fans questions.

A fan asked why she is so sexy, Marian answered, “Payat ako kasi nagpapa dede ako…” (I’m sexy because i’m breastfeeding…)

The she clarifies,“Sa Anak ko!” (My child!)

Evoking laughter to the studio, Marian already know what’s on the mind of the fans, so she clarifies her answer immediately.

In other news, it was reported that Marian’s new fantaserye “Super Maam” will replace Mulawin.

And Dingdong’s Alyas Robinhood Book 2 will replace My love from the stars. It looks like we will have DongYan teleserye back to back on GMA Primetime soon.


Soon we will get to watch Marian 7 days a week!