Zia learns how to say Ate “Julie”

Baby Zia is a fast learner!

Baby Maria Letizia is extremely sweet, she is getting close with her Ate Julie.

Baby Zia accompanies Mama Marian earlier today for a photo shoot in GMA Studio. And Ate Julie Anne was her playmate back stage.

Baby Zia practices how to say Ate Julie.. after a couple of try she pronounced it correctly! Good job Baby Zia!

Zia: Ate Junie!
Julie Anne: what?
Zia: Ate Junie!
Marian: Ate Julie!
Julie Anne: Ate…
Zia: Julie!

Meanwhile, Daddy Dingdong Dantes started taping for Alyas Robinhood Book 2 today.

It looks like we will have Dingdong and Marian back to back in Primetime soon!

Even though they are both busy, Baby Zia is still their number 2 priority.


GMA reporter Nelson Canlas got to see Marian and Zia at GMA lobby.

“Kung suswertehin ka nga naman, may makakasalubong kang dalawang anghel sa lobby ng GMA. Nag-flying kiss pa. Ang cute. ” he says.