Baby Zia to Julie Anne: Ate Junie!

This is probably one of the most adorable video of Baby zia, we love to hear her speak!

Mama Marian Rivera-Dantes brings Baby Zia to work today, and she is reunited with her ‘Ate Junie’ Julie Anne San Jose.

As you guys may remember Julie Anne were with The Dantes Family during the opening of Hello Kitty Cafe, now Baby Zia remembers Julie Anne’s name.


Julie Anne shares this adorable video of Baby Zia, she asked Baby Zia “Whats my name?” Baby Zia says “Ate Junie! (Julie)” so adorable!

Baby Zia even plays with her Ate Julie’s dress.

Meanwhile, everyone is looking foward for the new show of Primetime Queen Marian Rivera.

From ‘The Good Teacher’ they changed the title of her new teleserye to “Super Maam!”. The story revolves around a teacher woth extra ordinary superpowers.

And how will she change the lives of her students. We are sure parents and their kids will enjoy watching this.

It’s not only full of adventures but also life lessons for the youth.